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it’s about time…

how am i?

still processing what the last year has done in you?

what am i doing now?
living in midtown and working for north metro church college ministry.
photography on the side.

what are you doing at nmc?
anything from video work, production, photography, communication pieces, web stuff, graphic design/series art
meeting tons of new folks along the way.  they are way trendier than me…(not that it’s a contest, merely an observation)

why is this your first post in over a month?
well, i landed on the july 27, started work on the 2nd, and just now do i have a chance to relax and begin to settle down.

where are you living?
in the heart of midtown ATL, loving it.  i’m 3 blocks from piedmont park, (i have no excuses not to be active/run.)

here’s some of what i’ve been working on.  (i didn’t create the echo logo)

Echo Fall Retreat_zw

echo business card layout display

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