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Going out with a bang

Being t-minus two days until I leave HK, I had to visit this spectacular view one last time. Victoria Peak is located on the western side of Hong Kong island and towers over the city at 1,811 ft. No, it’s not the tallest point on the island, a honor given to Tai Mo Shan (3,100 ft) in the New Territories, but it certainly remains one of my favorite spots in Hong Kong. I’ve been up to the peak numerous times and it just never gets old. This bird’s eye view gives you an accurate picture of this amazing melting pot of a city. You can see the affluence. You can see the grit and grime. You can see the street vendors trying to make ends meet selling anything from the ever popular fish ball to those tasty waffles drowned in syrup and butter. The bustling harbor reminds you that HK is the shipping mega center into mainland China as well as other parts of Asia.

I’ve always wondered how much Hong Kong spends per year to power this skyline. I might have to look that up and get back to ya.

I think a perfect description for this place is a city built in the sky. Don’t you?

Greater things are still to be done in this city.

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